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La Residenza is NOT a simple retirement home.

"One is never too young or too old for the knowledge of happiness. At any age it is good to be concerned with the wellbeing of our soul'.


La Residenza is the “CHOSEN ONE”

Why? Because One chooses to achieve well-being…

Physical Well-being because you are staying in a relaxed,comfortable hotel like environment with total security and hot meals too boot! But also in terms of mental well-being, self-development and evolution of personal resources both cerebral and physical.

At the Residence Torlonia we endeavour to develop your personal skills and aptitudes through the pursuit of individual and group hobbies and pastimes. Thanks to the synergy which develops through the social interaction between fellow guests and our professional team of staff a harmonious and fruitful atmosphere develops. The local community also interact with the Residence and thanks to a series of group and personal activities guests can take part in either an interactive or passive manner.

All of this is very important in order that an adult who has reached the “twilight years” of their life may still achieve personal fulliment and serenity. Remember, the journey hasn’t ended, not by a long shot, and here at the Residence Torlonia in Rome we try to ensure that each guest sees themselves as the key player in their own journey of discovery and illumination… discovery not just of themselves but of those around them and the world as whole….

La Residenza is a Senior Living solution that targets independent seniors or those with minor disabilities.

Seniors wishing to live in a private, protected and stimulating hotel environment.

From this type of approach or perspective, we can derive certain key words that determine its meaning and also its translation on the operational level.


We believe it is important to invest in the autonomy of the guests of La Residenza.

 First of all, by ensuring that they can perceive the structure as their home, and not as a predetermined container to which they have to adapt.

This perspective invests in the design of spaces, particularly personal ones, recognising the possibility for individuals to - precisely - make their environments personal, an expression of their uniqueness, their personal history, their tastes and interests.

It means investing in the personalisation of services (so that they are designed or modified starting from the person and not vice versa), in the possibility of welcoming family and friends in the availability of dedicated spaces and time to be managed independently. It means fostering to the utmost the ability of people to manage themselves, maintaining and enriching the network of personal relationships, the ties with the territory, the possibility not only to receive, but also to contribute to the wellbeing of the community present in the home but also that which inhabits the territory.

By enhancing, for example, personal skills, those that can derive from work experience gained over a lifetime or from hobbies and personal passions cultivated over time; that can be reinvested in a logic of 'circular economy', also with the involvement of the younger generations (think of forms of exchange, for example, with children or schools in the neighbourhood; or the organisation of cultural events open to the territory).


The issue of health is closely linked to that of care.

It is fundamental, however, to have an integral vision of the concept of health and therefore of care, which looks at all the dimensions that determine people's perception of well-being. Well-being, which must not be misunderstood as simply being well, but also as being able to be well by going through the experience of limits and fragility. Hence attention to the care of the body who require more at this stage of life, through guaranteed 24-hour health care, space and equipment for physical activity (gymnastics, yoga, pilates), attention to feeding (not only from the point of view of food variety or customisation of nutritional plans, but also from the point of view of quality and sustainability of raw materials: enhancement of natural products, km 0, organic, etc.). Care for health will also translate into attention to the psychological dimensionunderstood as support for personal well-being, as accompaniment and listening in moments of fatigue, as promotion (of the quality) of relations and the social dimension and sense of community within the Residence (attention to the dimensions of kindness, listening, sense of solidarity) and around the Residence (relations with the territorial network of services, institutions, associations).

People's health, in other words, is also nourished by feeling part of, fully included in, a network in which one gives and receives, in which one does not feel alone, in which one feels one has an active role, in which one is recognised as a resource bearer.

Promoting this dimension could be the contribution of one community psychologist.

These forms of attention respond to a concept of care as prevention and not only as a remedy for illness.

But above all they derive from the logic dear to health psychology, which sees health not only as the absence of disease, but as the full development and well-being of the physical, mental and social dimensions, as defined by the WHO.

Last but not least, adequate attention should be given to the spiritual dimensionunderstood as the personal space within which individuals access the meaning of their own existence and life path. This does not necessarily coincide with adherence to the explicit forms of a religion, for example, and must be accompanied with the utmost respect and openness towards the experiences and orientations of each individual.


To conclude, the theme of beauty deserves specific attention. Choosing to place the theme of beauty at the centre of one's design vision, as the vanishing point from which every design choice takes shape and measure, means creating something that does not aim exclusively at satisfying a series of needs, however essential;

but aspires to offer people something that corresponds instead to the order of desire, of meaning, of full recognition of oneself in what one lives. A dimension of beauty that passes first of all through the quality of the environment in which one lives. And for the attention paid to the people and relationships within the home. And that one can breathe a climate, a way of being and being together!

We hope, therefore, that La Residenza - Torlonia Senior Living can represent not only a place where all the necessary comforts and services are guaranteed, but first and foremost that dimension of meaning thanks to which people can truly adhere to the time of their lives, with aspirations, planning skills and a sense of gratitude. Everything that contributes to making up this project should first and foremost correspond to this direction.

Dr Maura Benedetti,

Clinical and Community Psychologist, Expert in Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuroscience

The Residence is NOT a retirement home, it is a place of living
La Residenza is the “CHOSEN ONE”

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